If he doesn’t do anything, the 107 Years Of Delta Sigma Theta 1913-2020 shirt and the Soviet Union will blow the world up to kingdom come. Despite the United States having the most powerful being in the universe at their disposal, his godlike nature guarantees that he will be apathetic to the world exploding in nuclear annihilation. . The United States and the Soviet Union cease hostilities to focus on this threat that came out of bloody nowhere. Veidt succeeded and the world is saved because of his stupid and ridiculous joke of a plan. When his old teammates find out thirty minutes too late and see that Adrian’s plan worked, they’re presented with a dilemma: Expose Adrian and bring him to justice. Such a thing will bring the world back into a nuclear arms race and will surely end the human race and most certainly most if not all life on earth.

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Go along with the plan and pretend that the 107 Years Of Delta Sigma Theta 1913-2020 shirt was a real genuine alien threat. The world is saved but no one will ever know that peace was built on murder and lies. Even though I love the villains that I’ve mentioned at the top, none of them are so morally and philosophically interesting as Veidt. Most of them are either evil overlords, scary stoic robots, or charismatic thugs, people who are so blatantly evil it’s so fun to watch. But Adrian Veidt isn’t evil. What he did was morally disgusting but I do think it makes him one of the most interesting characters let alone antagonists that I have ever seen in any medium of storytelling. Most antagonists and villains that I’ve seen in action usually rely on their shock value to maintain their threat to the protagonist, to keep the audience’s blood boiling.

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    The tshirt is nice, soft, and good quality. The text exactly as I ordered it, and the print quality is good. It arrived very quickly. Thank you kindly

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