When your world stops revolving around her 12th anniversary 1892 2020 liverpool fc signature shirt. When you find yourself with her. A place where you can be more than what you really think or know of yourself. When you do things for her and don’t even bother to take note of it or prove it to others, not even to yourself. When you don’t want something from her, rather provide for her with all that you have. When you’ll need no words to understand her, the situations, the dilemmas, the problems. When you would look at her, not just the outside but inside, where her soul lies, you’ll see everything as perfect.

12th anniversary 1892 2020 liverpool fc signature shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

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Love is a decision and a 12th anniversary 1892 2020 liverpool fc signature shirt lot of work you know you love her when you can’t stop thinking about her it when can’t wait to get home from work and see her when she’s on your mind all the time when you love looking in your eyes as you speak to one another about nothing. How she makes you just horny just thinking about her and when you’re in bed together or you wanna fuck her all the time that’s when you know you love someone. Not giving them strange haircuts (I know it sounds weird, but cat self-esteem is more sensitive than you think.

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