I think it depends: are we talking immigrants or tourists? If 2019 AL west division champions Houston Astros shirt they are tourists then it would be extremely rude. If they are immigrants, especially if they have been here a while then they should be speaking the language of their adopted country while in public. In the privacy of their own home, whatever they want. Reminds me of a story I heard that back in the early 1900s there were a lot of teenage women who came over from Italy and settled in “Little Italy” in NYC. They had no need for anything but Italian and in their minds, they would someday go back to Italy. Fast forward 70 years and they are still in “Little Italy” and can’t speak a word of English. Capisce!

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The answer is no. Plain and simple. 99% of the time. 2019 AL west division champions Houston Astros shirt A few people can but most can not. Let’s use Jethro as an example. His story begins as a 30-year old American with a masters degree in History and bored with life. He always had a job and hated everyone. Jethro had already been married once and divorced but luckily there were no children involved. And there never would be as Jethro much preferred a gay life. A fresh start was needed and he headed to Thailand to try and find a job teaching English. After Jethro arrived in Bangkok, he learned that with his degree, he could teach English at the university level and soon found a job he enjoyed. The salary wasn’t great at B40,000 or $1,300 per month, but from his condo, he could walk to work and even had a pool. Life was great and Jethro was enjoying life.

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