Her taste in boyfriends. I know, I sound 2019 Disney Cartoon characters Christmas tree shirt like a typical “no one will ever be good enough for my princess” kind of father. It’s not that at all. She’s been allowed to date since she was 15. She’s had three serious relationships that I’ve known about since then. That is, I actually met the boys on multiple occasions. Every single one of them was nice enough (to me, at least), but… and I hate to say this, but it’s the truth… they were kind of aiming low in life and sometimes even failing at that if you know what I mean. She was the captain of her high school swim team for two years, very fit, a lifeguard who made great money doing that for the city in the summers, and a straight-A honors high school graduate and now a straight-A college sophomore.

2019 Disney Cartoon characters Christmas tree shirt, hoodie, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt.

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She doesn’t do this anymore since she moved 2019 Disney Cartoon characters Christmas tree shirt to college, but when she was in high school, she’d sometimes get into arguments with her mother (my wife) and then get mad at me for siding with my wife. I think she gets it now, though. I’m ALWAYS going to side with my wife when it comes to the kids. It’s important that parents are united in those situations. Plus, I have to live with my wife for the rest of my life. The kids eventually grow up and move out. If I ever disagreed with my wife about whatever was causing friction between her and our daughter, the daughter would never know. I’d bring up my disagreement in private with my wife, and see if I could change her mind. Or if she could change mine.

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