I have a lot of respect for you both and your 2019 Disney characters Christmas tree shirt opinions. But, I also respect my space, opinion, comfort, freedom, and choice. I am someone who believes in dressing according to the place and I have done justice to it, all along. I am not someone who’d wear shorts to a temple nor will I wear saree to a beach. I understand you don’t like me wearing shorts or anything that shows skin. So, I’ll not wear them in front of you, that’s it, simple. I can’t promise you I won’t wear them at all. I’m being honest and you have to respect it. I’m also very disappointed that I became characterless because I wore shorts. I don’t think the length of my dress should determine the level of dignity I hold!”But, all this drama for the length of my dress. The funny part is I wasn’t even standing in front of them wearing shorts.

2019 Disney characters Christmas tree shirt, hoodie, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt.

V-neck t-shirt


Best 2019 Disney characters Christmas tree shirt

I’m talking about my experience. A lot of people took 2019 Disney characters Christmas tree shirt me for granted because I wear a modern dress, whatever that’s supposed to mean. People assumed I drink, people assumed it’s easy to make a move on me, people assumed that they can take advantage of me, people assumed a lot of things. I have been named shamed a lot of times. A guy told me that I’m not marriage material because I wear jeans and shorts. A friend of mine once told me, “I don’t think she drinks, she looks so homely” but she gulped shots and shots of vodka right in front of our eyes. Gulping vodka or wearing a short dress doesn’t make you more or less of a woman.


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