That’s the one fight he was up against the best 24 Kobe Bryant greatest of all time shirt in the entire world and it’s the one thing he can’t check off of his list in life. He also is thought to have lost his first fight and there was a huge controversy. Either way, he is a great fighter. George had literally learned from Sonny how to fight as a pro. Part of what Sonny taught him was to use his great strength to control distance with his jab. Both Liston and Foreman had jabs so strong they could literally stop a man in his tracks. Even worse, their jabs set up the incoming fighter for crosses, uppercuts, and hooks. Years after Foreman fought Frazier, Steve Lott of Mike Tyson’s team related how Tyson and Cus D’Amato used to watch the Frazier-Foreman fight over and over.

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The would go on to say that 24 Kobe Bryant greatest of all time shirt loved that fight because he was awed by Foreman’s power and toughness and how he kept getting up after every knockdown. Lott said Cus sat alongside Tyson saying, “It’s suicide against Foreman if you’re short and fight a swarming attacking style like Marciano or Frazier.” Cus said the only fighters who had a chance against Foreman were, tall rangy fighters who could fight him from a distance while moving away from him, and no way any swarmer or short fighter could beat Foreman by going to him. But after the sixth knockdown, the referee stopped the fight. Joe admitted later in life that there was nothing he could have done to beat George. he had to come to him, and George was able to stop him dead in his tracks with his jab, and set up his power shots. End of story.

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