It helps that for me, being challenged in such a way makes me Adicats Stone Wall shirt, and that anger helps me focus beyond fear. He’s either trying to hurt me or my friend, and I will not permit that. The anger pushes away the fear, and then conditioning focuses the anger so that it is a tool, not a distraction. I have also been in fights where the other guy was so blitheringly incompetent that I felt almost no fear, I just didn’t want to fight. Sometimes I could talk him down, and sometimes he didn’t want to lose face in front of his friends, so he insisted on fighting. I still tried to end the fight as quickly as possible, but I would try to put him down more gently and hope he got the point. He was incompetent enough that I could fight to suppress rather than injure, which is harder to do.

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The points are always Adicats Stone Wall shirt at me. In order for me land a strike I need to successfully parry, close distance past point, and connect. Plus. This is a fast weapon. Faster than the longsword and faster than the katana. When I studied it for a short time, it had a very steep learning curve and margin for error was low. It can strike you from a wide variety of angles and come at you every which way. Techniques are very different. While sparring, I found myself wanting to use my longsword almost like a rapier to compensate the rapier being used against me. My stance, style of cutting, etc, was vastly different than than the rapid thrust coming my way and the linear approach of the rapier.

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    I have used many tshirt designing companies but streetshirts are easily the best! excellent quality, great website and pretty damn good prices 😀

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