European badgers live in temperate Autism mom unbreakable shirt and are not as aggressive as their plains dwelling American cousins, who are known to fight off bears. Dachshunds were bread specifically to go into European badger dens and pull the badger out. That is why they have short legs. They are aggressive hunting dogs designed to fit into burrows. The dachshunds you are probably used to are the more docile strains that are selectively bread to be housepets. That means that they are not red due to a lack of eumelanin or a dilution of eumelanin but rather are a wild type or clear sable at the agouti locus. Because wild type and clear sable are dominant to the and-tan pattern and because the dog doesn’t have two copies of the recessive genes that would eliminate or alter the expression of eumelanin from being black.

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This dog could produce black and tan If bred to a Autism mom unbreakable shirt and tan dog, this dog could produce chocolate and tans, but could not produce any dogs with black in their coat when bred to another chocolate. This longhaired Dachshund is a third color, genetically, they are red-gold because they are e/e which means that they produce no eumelanin in their coat. They will start letting you know when it’s getting close to their feeding time. Feeding only the recommended amount is very important with doxies. They tend to become a lot less active getting into their senior years, and overweight later in life.

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