Short and scary yes to paraphrase an actor. You fight like you’re the third Black Canary AKA Alpha Alpha shirt on the ark and baby it’s time to rain. Btw I’ve had several trips to the er when I came in second best. Walk home and don’t fight if you can. Not exactly. I think people want to be at peak performance. It’s probably more to do with having a competitive advantage over the rest. I’m pretty sure everyone tries to get themselves mentally as well as physically prepared. It’s probably simply a way to maximize competitive instinct. I remember when I ran track I would do as much as I could to be physically prepared. That includes being in a ‘zone’ as much as it were possible again to maximize performance, walk and hit by pitch are the two most obvious.

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If the third strike isn’t cleanly caught, a batter can Black Canary AKA Alpha Alpha shirt to reach first unless it is already occupied and there are fewer than two outs, so that’s number three. Catcher’s interference would be number four. Being a pinch-runner could be number five, but you specified “batter” and the pinch-runner wouldn’t have batted so that one can’t apply. The so-called catcher’s balk could be number five, but it’s actually just a special case of catcher’s interference. Competitive swimming by far. The physical conditioning is more demanding and your heart rate beats faster. My sisters used to have swimming practice and they would be very hungry after the practices. Baseball requires more skill but swimming burns more calories than running.

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  1. Sabine Pietsch (verified owner)

    Simple process to do your own creation and you get your t-shirts shortly after.

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  2. Walter Heinen (verified owner)

    Great printing quality and colour selection, a little bit bigger than expected but receiver seems to like so great job.

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  3. Mark Anthony (verified owner)

    I had 2 shirts made for myself and a friend to match, once they arrived I was not disappointed. The printing on the shirts was excellent. Will definitely be back.

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  4. Vincent Olivier (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with it just how I wanted it to be.

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  5. Rhonda LaFon (verified owner)

    I couldn’t have asked for any more. Great value, quick delivery, great product. Compared to the other people selling customer T Shirts, the value here is amazing.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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