I am very aware that there are Books love dog independence day shirt people but some of the people who appear to get scammed don’t appear to fall into the disabled or elderly brackets. It’s a very dangerous world out there. I recently had money stolen from my bank account because I wasn’t careful enough with an online transaction so technically I’ve been scammed too, just not via a phone call. My point is that a lot of people should really know by the names and accents and where these people say they are from. We are constantly warned. I am a community volunteer and we have days where we bring in fraud teams to speak to all age groups and vulnerabilities about these issues.

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I think some people no matter how Books love dog independence day shirt much its put to them still don’t listen or perhaps I simply don’t understand how they can believe such nonsense that these people go over on the phones. The problem is not with a lack of education in technology, it is due to trust. Today’s elderly were reared in an era whereby they could leave front doors unlocked knowing that no one would think of entering their homes and stealing from them knows no bounds. And the older generation is more trusting.

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