Instead of raising a hue and cry, I asked him whether or not he was Eat a dick Francis shirt interested in the marriage. He accepted what he did, and asked for forgiveness and I did forgive him. Things took some time to get sorted out. The girl kept calling. Maybe he too received when I was not around. It took a long time for me to trust him again. Until then, I used to get quite suspicious whenever his phone rang. I started feeling nauseous whenever he tried to make a call at a distance from me. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Even during work, I was consumed by ill thoughts. It made my life miserable.

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I loved him. But when trust breaks, it’s difficult to feel that love Eat a dick Francis shirt again. Earlier I cared whether or not he was involved with some other girl. Slowly, I stopped caring about it. All that I cared was that if he was in love with someone else, then he should not be near me, should not touch me or sleep with me. It took my husband more than a year to rebuild the broken trust. Broken trust is like a broken thread. Try joining it again and all you will have is a knotty thread. A knotty relationship is the worst thing you can have. But, things have worked out between us once again. I have seen changes in him. He has realized that you need to change slightly after marriage. You now have to remain dedicated and loyal towards that one person. And if you can’t, you better speak up and accept rather than cheat and hurt.

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