Come to find out Jethro was a natural teacher and a professional Floral sugar skull shirt one at that. The initial one-year contract eventually became a much-repeated two-year contract. The years soon begin to pass and Jethro is now 40. Life in The Big Mango is great and he continues to works as a professor for another 20 years. Then the university decides not to renew his contract. Actually, he was expecting this as the retirement age in Thailand is usually around 60. Jethro’s work visa was canceled and in order to remain legally in the country, he had to get a retirement visa. Luckily he had enough in savings (B800,000 or $ 26,000) to qualify for these yearly visas. Additionally, he had bought and paid for his condo and his car was also free and clear.I’ll never understand why that woman even cared whether I was lying or not. It didn’t affect her or the concession stand.

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At the age of 62, Jethro was able to collect his Social Security Floral sugar skull shirt retirement check but it was only about B18,000 or $600 a month because most of his working life had been outside of the states. Regardless, this small paycheck was much appreciated as most of his savings could not be spent. Jethro still lives in Bangkok today. He lives a frugal life and still quite happy.In my 20 years of living in Thailand, I have only met one Jethro…So, I was at a summer camp with two of my friends. We were at a water park and decided to get some fries. Both of my friends refused to be the ones to order, even though I’m the most introverted of our group. I went up to the stand and ordered the fries. The woman asked for my name.

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