It’s hard to really answer this since some get extensive A good day starts with coffee Schnauzers shirt coverage and others none. So, using viewers means little. Attendance figures might be more accurate, but then much of rallying is hard to measure since there is often little paid attendance and people are strung out the length of the course. I would not allow my teammates to tear off my uniform, especially if it will show that I a using an electric device to cheat. Looking at you Altuve. You are a cheater and needed to break the rules to achieve victory. My friend and I predicted a couple of years ago that about the time everyone built their defenses around the passing game someone would come along with another big nasty RB to pound smaller pass coverage linebackers. It happened in 2019 and his name is Derrick Henry.

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A person would find in a real A good day starts with coffee Schnauzers shirt, but it definitely covers the core of fighting and has proven what consistently works against top athletes, ie people well beyond what the average joe attacking you on the street would even be like. A few years ago family obligations left me trapped in one of those settings for the whole afternoon. I bought into the story of why I should root for one team and it was fun. My choice of team was effectively random since others in the room directed it. People like having their emotions stirred up. Opera is a classic example of deliberately arranging to have this done to oneself. Watching a game with a preference for a particular outcome has the same effect on many people.

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