That said, I think that the ability to move the Harley Quinn Hyenas Harley-Davidson shirt on the ground is probably more important in the playoffs than a great defense. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that you have to be able to run the ball to win a championship, but I think a great running offense is the most effective weapon you can have in the playoffs. If you are effectively running the ball, then you can pass when you want to pass instead of when you have to pass. Running can grind out the clock and keep the other teams offense off of the field. And when you do that, you keep their defense out there way too long and they get gassed. Find a way to change the way you are playing when you start to frame it more. Slow the tempo down, take more time with your services use the slice. Little things like this can help to turn games around. Probably do a lot better than you might realize. they aren’t benchwarmers.

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It’s like a relief pitcher they are necessary to keep the Harley Quinn Hyenas Harley-Davidson shirt going and they’d be up a creek without them on the roster. They might not actively participate in every game but you might be surprised how much they do week-to-week. They probably aren’t prioritized but they are almost (every player) one play away from being thrown into the action. And when they are, they’re expected to perform. If not in the game at least in the practices and you’re only as good as your backup regardless. I think they should maybe be given more opportunities to play in the lineup. I might have approached it differently if I were a professional coach but I’m not.

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