The English aren’t 90% Celtic and 10% Anglo-Saxon. A study done I’m the aunt witch Halloween shirt on Anglo-Saxon and Iron Age British skeletons concluded the English is around 40% Anglo-Saxon. The estimate of Anglo-Saxons migrating to Britain is anywhere from 200,000–500,000. The estimate of the British Celtic population at the time was 2 million. The Anglo-Saxons likely had higher reproductive success than the British Celts. Also, British Celtic women probably married Anglo-Saxon warrior men. The Anglo-Saxons also probably killed off a significant amount of British Celts. But that’s not the end of the story. The most recent study concluded the Englishes are 4% Norwegian Viking and 16% Danish Viking making them 20% Norse. It’s estimated 40,000 Norsemen settled in England. That’s a small amount but considering there Norsemen had very high reproductive success and probably had children with multiple wives and concubines so it’s not impossible. This means the Englishes are around 60% Scandinavian and 40% British.

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If you adopt English culture, language, and laws then in my view I’m the aunt witch Halloween shirt you are an Englishman. Phrasal verbs, as the name suggests, are formed with verbs and particles, (the particle can be a preposition like ‘on’ or an adverb like ‘back’). The verb component can be combined with a number of particles, ( go in, go away, go over, etc.) The verbs most commonly used in phrasal verbs have Germanic roots, (specifically Anglo-Saxon). Preposition collocations, on the other hand, can be formed with verbs, adjectives, (like your example ‘interested’), and nouns. The main component can only be combined with one preposition, (2 in some special cases). the words most commonly used with collocations have french or Latin roots.

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