The groom’s family sits down with the couple and casually asks Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers Friends shirt “why pizza and are you happy with that?” They find out the reasoning behind it and they get on board unless the couple specifically states they are not happy AND the groom’s family is willing to pay the difference for something better. If the groom’s family hopes to have a good relationship with their daughter-in-law who will have huge control over how often they see any grandchildren that might come along, they will never use the word “embarrassing” in conjunction with her wedding.

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If the bride’s family is Italian, if the couple is in the military and will Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers Friends shirt be stationed in Italy for 2 years, if the groom is from Italy, if they got engaged in Italy, if they knew they were “the one” when they discovered their favorite movie is Mystic Pizza, then they may be doing a whole Italian theme with bridesmaids in Italian flag colors, wine instead of champagne for a toast, dessert pizza instead of a cake, gelato to go with it, and a first dance to “That’s Amore.”If you follow that line of thinking, then pizza is embarrassing, but the groom’s family should’ve vetted that match a little better. If you’re more modern than that, then you have to consider a number of possibilities. Your research statement (aka “statement of purpose”) must describe your research experience and interests, in explicit, technical, personal, and credible detail. In particular, your statement should read as though it was written by a (potential) researcher, not from the point of view of a successful student.

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