He wasn’t as bad as people think Justin Bieber yummy signature shirt. He actually avoided violence where he could, using it as a last resort, using intimidation to avoid gunfights with other ships. He got his name Blackbeard from, obviously, his inky black beard. But also from the candles, he lit behind it, which made him appear to have smoke coming from the beard, scaring his opponents. Returning to the question, and the premise of Blackbeard’s career, the slave trade: Many of the ships that Blackbeard captured had slaves on them. He gave many of those slaves the option to come to serve in his fleet, which many of them did. It’s far less complex than most of Einstein’s theories, as you can see! But, if anything, it’s equally profound and meaningful. And, while there’s no way of knowing for certain, it’s possible that Einstein was reflecting on his growing fame when he wrote this note.

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We often believe that happiness lies in things like Justin Bieber yummy signature shirt, money, and power. We seek these things because we desire to control in a world where, for all we know, everything is inherently meaningless. But, at the end of the day, all we really have control over is our own lives. And, if we truly want happiness, I believe that realizing and accepting that fact is the first step towards finding it. I will also add that Canadians seem better at accepting their ignorance and being open to evolving more contemporary attitudes toward other people when they are educated or when their racism, racial discrimination or white privilege is exposed and confronted.

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