That is all fine and well to say we must take care Lab mom like a regular mom but cooler shirt of our kids and find a solution but who is going to protect the kids when parents are having to take unpaid leave and they then get themselves into debt because they can’t work, unable to put food on the table so actually they are looking after their kids if they are working and they are at school. Of course, if children have underlying health conditions then yes I feel they should be taken out of school but if it doesn’t affect children as much then until they have the illness the best sure how many pensioners are currently propping up the state school system!

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You’re right though, any people who fall under Lab mom like a regular mom but cooler shirt the categories deemed vulnerable and are working in schools would certainly be best off self-isolating as per the latest guidelines.  I work with the and my work won’t close and if I don’t go into work then that’s going to have a huge impact but if I do go into work who is going to look after my kids. My parent who my dad has MS and multiple other underlying health issues or my in-laws who have breathing issues. Who is there to help us while we help others.

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