Hockey players generally use most of the same gear Labrador I love Mom shirt us amateurs with a few exceptions. The biggest one being their sticks, virtually every player has a stick that is custom made for them. These sticks are known as pro stock sticks. Leftover sticks from production sometimes wind up in retail stores and so you can get your hands on them too. Because he could score on anyone and was super competitive because he became a megastar. Being overrated doesn’t mean he wasn’t great or even the greatest. For him it probably just means he wasn’t as great as a defender as people seem to think, he didn’t have a great long shot, he wasn’t the best passer, and he needed help from Scottie Pippen, a bit more than people seem to realize. The ball went right through my hands and hammered me in the chest. I picked it up and tossed it back to him.

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Then he wound up and delivered another Labrador I love Mom shirt, which stung the crap out of my hands. His third projectile hit my forearm like a sled hammer. Thankfully, I got called over to the sideline, to take a look at a kid who hurt his finger. This guy went through several dads before no one would play catch with him anymore. I don’t know what he was trying to prove, but it was ridiculous. I can only imagine how much harder the pros can throw the ball. The next thing I knew, he assumed the quarterback stance of dancing around in the pocket, and then he whipped the ball at me with a loud grunt.

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  1. Sara Broetje (verified owner)

    Very pleased with overall product! I initially made a spelling mistake but emailed the team and they rectified it immediately! Excellent customer service! Would definitely recommend.

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  2. Angela Simons (verified owner)

    I ordered a pink sweatshirt with a customised print on top, I was so pleased with the quality of both the actual sweatshirt and the way my print came out. The print wasn’t pixelated, and the colours of the print were exactly the same as the actual photo.

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    I ordered a custom t-shirt for a relative’s 50th birthday. Turned up about four days later, standard delivery. Great quality, great service & the little sweetie thrown in with the t-shirt was the icing on the cake.

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    Really pleased with how my t shirts turned out.

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    Great choice of shirt cuts and colours. Printing is good quality. Delivery is quick. Can’t fault it.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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