We think he lacks the ability to feel Love Bull St Patrick’s Day shirt, though clearly he feels them in prison. Most readers believe he’s a cold-blooded murderer rather than a victim of accident and circumstance. Meursault takes the gun from Raymond so that Raymond won’t shoot the Arab and get in trouble; it stands to reason, then, that Meursault would not seek the Arab out to shoot him himself. The narration states that the trigger gave, not that Meursault aimed the gun and pulled that trigger intentionally. Camus’ style causes us to judge Meursault in the same way that the prosecutor and the jury do; thus, the novel implicates us in his isolation and execution. He said he was called Buddy, and I said I was Susan. Intros over we turned to face east. We silently watched as the lights came closer, sometimes disappearing the hills which parallel the interstate.

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They disappeared one more Love Bull St Patrick’s Day shirt and then appeared over the last line of hills. What Buddy and I saw was like the photo atop my answer. I know I dropped my mouth open; I could taste the cool night air. The durn thing went over my car. Had I not been immobile, I could have clambered onto the roof and touched the edge. It passed on to the west absolutely silent and disappeared. We both ran to our vehicles, and I was yards down the highway before he got in his cab. I subsequently read Streiber’s book and educated myself on the pros and cons of the and alien phenomena.

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