Why no investigation into refusing to McDonald’s I’m loving it shirt patients in private and care homes even though they have them but they are happy for Nurses and carers to attend. I have issues with NHS management of the issues. I would rather have the Conservative govt in control in this situation. If the looney left had been in control the country would have already been bankrupt before this started. Regardless of politics do you think this is acceptable and should be investigated? You need to try to shift your focus to the facts, take off those blinkers, avoid sycophancy and just compare what has happened here to other countries who hit the virus at the same time, took alternative decisions, based on who advise and have had significantly fewer fatalities would knowingly just refuse to provide appropriate care for one of their patients.

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Also, you make it sound like McDonald’s I’m loving it shirt it is to protect themselves, surely remote management where possible is more about protecting the elderly and Housebound from the GP who could be an asymptomatic carrier. It is akin to the 1st world war sending the troops over the top whilst the Generals issue orders from a safe distance. The elderly and front line cares in the community are just viewed as cannon fodder and acceptable losses. None of this will be of interest to the or any other media as it does not suit the narrative.


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