It has finally got through to people. The Mens marvel kiss in the flames comic shirt is not fully to blame for everything that happens in the NHS. Sack the trust managers and put matrons back in charge. People slag the government about funding but it’s the individual hospital managers who decide where monies should be spent. I’ve worked in an NHS finance dept and the waste is unbelievable Problem is no one is held responsible so it all gets thrown back at the government has told hospitals that they can only get their PPE from one source. So it doesn’t matter who is placing the order if there is only one supplier.

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It would be nice to hear from Mens marvel kiss in the flames comic shirt of the who consider that in the circumstances it’s gone ok. Is it just those who shout loudest. More balance needed but that’s an old refrain first hand what we have had to deal with I don’t think you should be telling us to find a different news source. They were sent back with or suspected to free up space on the wards. This is how the epidemic spread throughout care homes… now couple that with lack of PPE and what do you get? Care homes were excluded from the PPE procurement scheme as well


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