Coming to his youtube videos, I think it’s clear that Facebook Mexican day of The Dead flower shirt informs its incoming engineers that “they are allowed to have vlogs and videos on the internet“. (As long as they are not popular)I have always been skeptical of facebook’s vision and morals and I did not see this as a shock to me. When I saw the video, I was like “Okay facebook, this is kinda expected from you.”Also, the fact that Facebook seems like a drowning ship and the question remains who will be the last to go down with it. I am not a Senior Staff Engineer but I have been following his youtube channel for some time now. Patrick gives out brutal truth about everything, people say that he is an arrogant prick and has a certain level of God complex. Let me tell this, I have seen worse engineers with a horrible attitude. Patrick has a certain level of pride for his success and I believe that the person has earned it.No matter how his behavior might be, I like him.

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I don’t think we should feel sorry for Patrick. He is an awesome and Mexican day of The Dead flower shirt talented engineer and I believe, people have been reaching out to him after he was fired from Facebook. That’s how fast recruiters work. In a few years, Facebook is going to have loads of accounts of dead people. The dead virtual graveyard is the actual term for it. The way I see it, facebook is probably afraid of its own engineer’s success. I mean they actually asked him to give out names of other YouTubers while firing him. What does this even talk about the company as a whole? They wanted him to rat others out.

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