When I trained you had to change Murder Hornet Bee class of 2020 shirt at work and always changed into and out of uniform before and after each shift. There is a lack of changing facilities in most places now there for staff wears their uniform to work. It’s not the government’s fault. It’s the procurement manager at each hospital. We need medically trained managers, not so-called business ones.  I don’t see the problem if I was to start talking to the press on my own about problems with the way my company does things I would be up for a disciplinary. I mean they are just being told not to talk to the press in an unofficial capacity and if those are the rules then they are breaking them.

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I understand why they are doing it but I can’t really Murder Hornet Bee class of 2020 shirt complain if they get in trouble for it. But at least they aren’t getting thrown out of 5th-floor windows for complaining. These doctors are saying they’ve gone through the correct channels and as a last resort gone public. I’d sooner take a doctor’s word over shortages than a manager. They just may be forced in desperate attempts to protect lives to go public we are not talking about problems with the way a company does something that they do not like.


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