On regular question time, Fiona Bruce is pretty fair No guts no glory the lizard shirt and neutral but that program just typified the latest BBC anti-government bias, and as for that female journalist, she certainly likes the sound of her own voice. The government won’t have a chance of been given a fair chance with all these people spouting their own opinions which people then repeat as gospel she is not neutral, she hates the government and loves the EU dictatorship. Well, every comment she came out with, was to criticize everything which the Govt has done and is doing. She’s just another whinging Leftie. Look at the dust munition of deaths. They are mainly in urban areas on the North-South rail routes. If you look at deaths in France Germany Italy and Spain you will see that they too have the majority of deaths in urban areas.

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Our Govt had warnings they did No guts no glory the lizard shirt heed them. We were let down by the Govt they need holding to account for their actions don’t be foolish, she is an author, not whinging, not political! She was simply articulating what many people feel, this government haven’t handled the situation well, they felt that herd immunity was a good way forward which has lead to the highest death numbers in Europe and if it hadn’t been belatedly altered, would have led to the overwhelming of the NHS and hundreds of thousands of deaths.


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