This is a question of extremes. A little wind or a North Carolina Tar Heels heart love shirt moisture doesn’t play a big role. Steady rain is to be worse than a steady wind as it not only knocks the ball down but it also impedes your grip, allowing the club to twist, sending balls offline and generally resulting in poor contact. Your feet tend to slip, giving a whole new set of problems in making good contact. And it’s pretty miserable. A howling wind isn’t fun but you sometimes get a wind-aided drive that can end in a good result. There is no rain aided benefits. Soggy fairways kill your role and while a wet green stops the ball, they create havoc with your putting stroke in judging speed. I’ll play in the wind but not in the rain. Because he gets paid. Really paid. He’ll get at least $35 million a year from somebody, and that’s just the beginning.

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The best-known player in the North Carolina Tar Heels heart love shirt has spent his career with a mid-market team that only had a national presence because he played for them. Following in the footsteps of Shaq and Lebron will only make him richer. Because they are going to sell one hell of a lot of tickets. This will probably be the last contract Brady ever signs. He’s the biggest name in sports and he’s about to start his farewell tour that we saw after the HC firing and the emergence of the running game Haskins as a starter now getting those snaps in practice played better. The team played better the only thing was lacking was the defensive backfield who seem to be doing their own thing instead of playing the defensive play called.

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