This sort of thing needs stamping out. Nothing left to do but smile smile smile shirt, the staff needs to band together and make their voices heard. Its harder to discipline a whole intensive care unit than one individual. These managers who carry out Big Brother intimidation need to grow up. Time to get rid of managers who are not medically qualified and replace with people who put patient welfare before saving money. Back to the Matron who has been there, seen It, done it and can lead others with a voice of experience. I think the hospital manager should be dismissed. They must ask the government to help not ordinary doctors or any person working there. The government also must use their brains to provide what is needed in hospitals.

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The world now is full of lairs. It means the Nothing left to do but smile smile smile shirt are embezzling funds meant for buying PPE and don’t want it to get exposed. That’s what corrupt and incompetent bosses do. This attitude of covering up problems and not speaking out would not go down well in the aviation industry. Yet both deal with people’s lives. This kind of thinking in the medical community needs to be cut out completely. A culture of sharing knowledge about where problems are so improvements can be made needs to be fostered. To do otherwise is to perpetuate life-threatening problems within the organization.


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