What a fantastic image. It’s sad that all they want to do Pet lover may the fur be with you shirt is sell it to make money from it. It was gifted to raise people’s spirits and as a reminder of the current situation. Don’t sell it, move it from hospital to hospital so all can see it and share in its message. If you have to make money from it, print mugs, posters, t-shirts and sell them. They will raise more money over the years than a one-off sale. I work at Southampton hospital and we very much would love to keep it but the artist wants to raise as much money as possible for NHS charities. Not just Southampton hospital.

Pet lover may the fur be with you shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirt


Best Pet lover may the fur be with you shirt

If anyone knows him please ask Pet lover may the fur be with you shirt to change his mind. This made everyone smile when they see it and we don’t have a lot to smile about at the moment. It was the artist’s request not the hospital’s decision. Don’t auction it off. It will become a very important part of art history and should be seen by many, not in a private collection. Once the hospital has had time to enjoy it, maybe it should go on tour to other hospitals to share the love.


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