It was at 2 am. My fiancè (now husband) and I were sleeping Rob zombie 3 from hell Friends shirt peacefully until his phone started ringing. He was too sleepy to pick it up. Even I would not have picked it up had it not been the middle of the night. Half asleep, I picked up the phone unable to utter a word. Just another second I heard a girl’s voice, “Hii babu. How are you?”. All of a sudden I felt as if someone slapped me hard to wake me up. Confused, I asked who’s this. Immediately, the phone hung up. I looked at the phone to see who it was. But the number wasn’t saved in the contacts. I couldn’t understand what to make out of all this. Somehow, I got back to sleep. Next morning, I told the whole incident to my husband. He checked his phone, deleted the number and told me about a random girl who had an affection towards him and kept calling him but he was not interested in her.

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I believed him instantly. After a few days, at around 11 pm while we Rob zombie 3 from hell Friends shirt were getting ourselves ready to sleep, the phone started beeping again. Missed calls this time. He rushed to check his phone, called back, and went to the balcony. After around half an hour he came back. I asked him who was on the other side. He told me it was an old school friend. He showed me the contact.It was a boy’s name. I believed again. Before sleeping, I took his phone to set an alarm and randomly just checked the call logs. And guess what? That old school friend’s number was exactly the same number with which that girl had called the other night. I went on to check the logs and saw that the number had been called a number of times regularly while I was out for my job. I just couldn’t believe it. Finally, I understood what was happening just under my nose.

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