We can get rid of a problem just Superman nurse heartbeat shirt by refusing to accept it. You both need to try to step away from your fear and seriously entertain the idea that you could be wrong. Think long and hard about what it could mean for your grandchildren. Entertain the idea that you’ve been misled, and remember that that’s ok. Everyone makes mistakes. But you might well be making a huge one here, and the consequences could be terrible. Don’t double down on this; it’s too important. The vast majority of the world’s scientists are warning you that something is wrong. If it was your doctor, mechanic, or electrician you’d listen.

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You might not understand the warning Superman nurse heartbeat shirt but you’d take it seriously. This is the same thing. I think you’ll find the vast majority do agree. It appears only to be largely Americans from the Southern States who don’t. It’s only in the US that this is a political issue. Elsewhere right-wing and left-wing parties acknowledge what is happening. They need to be made to do something. We only have one planet that we all must live on. By not doing something to protect it. Where do they think they are all going to be living.

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